The Makers of Planters® Brand Want You to Change the Way You Say ‘Ah Nuts!’


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BBDO MW Announces New Campaign Featuring Four Spots Made with Director Harold Einstein

With their latest campaign for the PLANTERS® Brand, BBDO MW is turning a classic expression of frustration — “AH, NUTS!” — into a positive — “Ahhh, nuts” — and a powerful brand mnemonic.

The new effort addresses a clear challenge: inject new energy and emotion into the PLANTERS® Brand. The solution from BBDO MW is a simple, funny, and memorable idea that anyone can relate to and is sure to create positive sentiment and sales momentum for the brand.

The campaign follows a simple construct: someone experiences an everyday mishap and lets loose with a cry, “AH, NUTS!’’ This puts nuts in a bad light. But PLANTERS® Nuts are good. So we remind people that with PLANTERS® Nuts, nuts are always a positive thing.

The four :15 TV spots were helmed by legendary comedy director Harold Einstein. “Lure” shows what can happen when a stump is sticking out of a lake. “ATM” sees someone just a little too far away from the money machine. “Seltzer” brings an inevitable end to an over-carbonated bottle. And “Vending Machine” depicts a breaktime purchase that quickly turns into an annoyance.

 “These ‘Ahhh Nuts’ pieces of creative provide moments of levity and positivity in a way that’s uniquely portrayed by the PLANTERS® brand” said Patrick Horbas, Director of Marketing, PLANTERS® brand. “We focused on emotion as well as our crave-worthy product in each piece to remind consumers that PLANTERS® nuts can bring joy to any moment.”

Outside of TV, people will see and hear the “Ahhh, nuts” phrase across many channels. Audio ads, digital, and social content will run at launch, with additional executions coming over the next several months.

“This is one of those truly sticky ideas,” said Brock Davis, Chief Creative Officer at BBDO MW. “After seeing this campaign, when you walk into a room and see PLANTERS® nuts on a table, there’s a good chance you’re going to smile and say ‘Ahhh, nuts.’”

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[Image and videos courtesy of BBDO MW.]


  1. Doug deGrood January 18, 2024

    Nice. Always cool when someone uncovers an idea that was there all along (especially when it’s a category leader). Love the dude popping out from under the canoe.

  2. Eric W. Luoma January 18, 2024

    I like. Simple. Fun. Nice work.

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