• Bionic Giant Somehow Grows Larger

    by / May 16, 2022 /

    Hybrid creative and production company Bionic Giant recently went on a hiring rampage and successfully acquired five human beings.

    Ben Loecken has been in the creative industry for over 10 years, and has filmed around the world in places like Armenia, Italy and Nepal. He has a passion for good storytelling, loves to solve problems, and gets excited about building great brands.

    Scott Mack brings 19 years of account management experience to Bionic Giant. He loves working in team[Read More]

  • Campaign Focuses on the Emotional Connection Between Humans and Their Horses

    by / February 17, 2022 /

    Any horse owner or enthusiast understands the deep love and strong emotional connection that humans feel toward horses. It inspires incredible care for an animal that gives so much in return. Zoetis, the world’s leading animal health company, made this connection the focal point of an ambitious new creative campaign platform launching this month.

    Called Long Live the Horse, the centerpiece of the campaign is a beautiful and emotive film showing the bond and mutual respect between v[Read More]

  • Senior Producer Jenny Cadwell Joins VOLT Studios

    by / January 19, 2022 /

    Full-service content company VOLT Studios is excited to electrify the new year with the addition of Senior Producer Jenny Cadwell. Cadwell brings agency insight, deep expertise, and genuine enthusiasm to VOLT where she will work closely with producer Jennie Ekstrand.

    "We're as excited to see Jenn bring her bright-eyed energy to VOLT as we are to see her team up with Producer Jennie Ekstrand, who has been killing it for us the past few months by holding down the fort on her own,” not[Read More]

  • Anytime Fitness Debuts “Real AF” Platform Promoting Personalized Fitness and Nutrition Coaching — Available Anytime, Anywhere

    by / January 4, 2022 /

    World’s largest fitness club brand kickstarts multi-year evolution centered on its holistic approach to health and wellness with unmatched convenience

    Anytime Fitness, the world’s largest fitness brand and fastest-growing fitness club franchise, is launching its new “Real AF” marketing platform as part of a bold operational strategy to deliver a holistic approach to fitness, health and wellness through authe[Read More]

  • Preston Spire Tries Social Experiment for Second Harvest Heartland

    by / December 9, 2021 /

    Hunger in Minnesota is real. Over half a million Minnesotans faced food insecurity in the past year - and the problem is growing. The good news? There is more than enough food to solve Minnesota's hunger problem. 
    Give one hungry 3rd grader a plate filled with food, and one an empty plate. Then walk away. What will happen? That's the question Preston Spire's experiment answered as they filmed the result for Second Harvest Heartland's 2021 hunger awareness camp[Read More]