• “House on the Outlands,” Official Trailer by MAKE

    by / March 25, 2024 /

    Welcome to "House on the Outlands," a serialized adventure telling the dark tales of Harmony, a little girl endowed with eldritch powers. As she struggles to contain this dark magic, she uses her power to defend her impossibly crooked home from mysterious evil forces lurking beyond the fabric of our reality.

    Harmony lives with her Mother in a creepy house perched on the threshold between our world and vast unknown dimensions. A typical Monday for Harmony is spent doing chores, enterta[Read More]

  • Griffin Archer and Splash Jingle Their Way Through Winter

    by / December 5, 2023 /

    The classic advertising hook you know and love is back! The SPLASH jingle has been revived in a new, animated spot by Griffin Archer and Motion 504. This time, we follow the perilous journey of an adorable car named “Henry” as he battles everything from ice storms to angry bugs. With the help of Weather Repel Windshield Washer Fluid from SPLASH, Henry is able to dodge potholes, deer, and the occasional snow-throwing oak tree to make it safely to school. 

    This is the second animat[Read More]

  • Brian Barber Releases Animation and Motion Graphics Reel

    by / October 17, 2023 /

    Duluth animator, motion graphics artist, and videographer Brian Barber recently released a new reel of work. The reel includes work from TV advertising, training and corporate videos, explainers, documentaries, music videos, and experimental work submitted to film festivals.

    In addition to the usual spinning logos and transitioning graphics that make up an animation reel, the work includes stop-motion, character design, greenscreen, and frame-by-frame “cel” animation.

    [Read More]

  • Gasket Studios Creates a World of Rewards for Shell

    by / October 6, 2023 /

    Redbear Films and Wunderman Thompson tapped Gasket Studios to oversee a dreamy project for Shell. They were searching for an effective way to introduce their new Platinum Status for Fuel Rewards members, emphasizing the dream-like benefits it would provide. Gaskets Studios' close collaboration resulted in an engaging and exhilarating experience that struck the perfect balance. Take a look.

    [Video courtesy of Gasket Studios.]

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  • Introducing a New Micro-Short Series, “BraveHurts” from MAKE Originals

    by / September 20, 2023 /

    "BraveHurts" is a medieval fantasy series featuring the bravest of himbos who will do anything, and risk it all for the chance to hold onto something they can't have. Dumb. Star-crossed. Morons.

    Hear ye, hear ye! MAKE Originals is excited to roll out their latest micro-short series, "BraveHurts." Inspired by classic medieval tropes and fairytales, these are the stories that didn't quite make it into that storybook of yore. Conceptualized by Josh Schneider, "BraveHurts" was designed in[Read More]

  • MAKE Originals Releases Latest Micro-Short Series: Dead Moon Walking

    by / August 3, 2023 /

    The nine-piece micro short series takes place in space, where everything is hostile, kills you instantly, or doesn’t care about your existence

    MAKE Originals is excited to announce new episodes of the micro-short series Dead Moon Walking. The original series was completed back in 2012, consisting of five episodes. “With the launch of MAKE Originals, we decided to re-release the original episodes and follow them up with a handful of new episodes.” Danny[Read More]

  • VOLT Studios Welcomes Mike Nelson As Animation Director

    by / May 31, 2023 /

    VOLT Studios is excited to announce that Mike Nelson has joined the full-service content company as Animation Director. At VOLT, Nelson will apply his artistry and expertise to enhance and build the studio’s creative offering in 3D animation and motion design.

    “I've been wanting to step into the CGI/3D space forever,” says Steve Medin, VOLT Founder, “but it was never the perfect time. Until now. And it's helpful to do it with the perfect person for the job, isn't it? We are su[Read More]

  • MAKE Studio Launches New Development of MAKE Originals

    by / April 24, 2023 /

    Animation studio, MAKE, known for its reputable work in the advertising world, sets sights beyond commercial work and dives into original content production with MAKE Originals, an in-house development and production division.

    With a passion for storytelling and commitment to innovation, MAKE enters the realm of original content by creating eye-catching animated micro-short films. "Our goal is to provide bite-size content that is accessible, uniqu[Read More]