“The Free(lance) Life, Freelance & Friendship” By Zaar Taha, Freelance Copywriter/Creative Director

by / November 8, 2018 /

Am I a better writer or a better friend? Just something I’ve contemplated lately (and then contemplated whether it was even worth contemplating, but… here we are). Looking back at my first handful of months as a freelancer, it’s clear I’ve been granted the majority of my opportunities by friends. Some directly and some indirectly. I guess 25 years in the Minneapolis advertising market has a way of getting you all networked up. Unlike others [Read More]

“The Free(lance) Life, First Six Months” By Zaar Taha, Minneapolis-based Freelance Copywriter/Creative Director

by / September 7, 2018 /

Since my last post earlier this summer, I’d gotten busy. Real busy. So busy that I actually had to say ‘no’ a couple times. And if you know me at all, you know I don’t ever like doing that. It’s just not in my DNA, or if it is, it refuses to play nice with the other strands. So if I do say ‘no’ to a request, know I’m simply not physically able to do it, I haven’t the slightest idea how to do it, or that my wife says I’m not allowed to do it.

The[Read More]

“10 Things I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago” by John Frahm, Account Director at Latitude

by / August 3, 2018 /

I’ve been fortunate to work with and learn from massively talented, varyingly patient, and endlessly good-natured people over the duration of my short career.

If one of the steps in self-growth is to not only come to recognize your ability at self-awareness, but also challenging yourself to come to terms with it—oh buddy have I been growing lately.

This industry does a grand job of putting personalities on a pedestal.  It does a crap job rewarding young personalities for [Read More]

“A Queer Eye For Marketing Genius” by Tyler Hanna

by / July 13, 2018 /


I’m a Christian. My younger brother is a gay man. If you pay attention to current events and trends, you know that these two demographics haven’t always gotten along (which is unfortunate). Sometimes the LGBTQ community and the Christian community have even been at odds with one another. This theme of conflict between the LGBTQ and Christian communities arises in the first episode of the 9th sea[Read More]