• Introducing a New Micro-Short Series, “BraveHurts” from MAKE Originals

    by / September 20, 2023 /

    "BraveHurts" is a medieval fantasy series featuring the bravest of himbos who will do anything, and risk it all for the chance to hold onto something they can't have. Dumb. Star-crossed. Morons.

    Hear ye, hear ye! MAKE Originals is excited to roll out their latest micro-short series, "BraveHurts." Inspired by classic medieval tropes and fairytales, these are the stories that didn't quite make it into that storybook of yore. Conceptualized by Josh Schneider, "BraveHurts" was designed in[Read More]

  • MAKE Originals Releases Latest Micro-Short Series: Dead Moon Walking

    by / August 3, 2023 /

    The nine-piece micro short series takes place in space, where everything is hostile, kills you instantly, or doesn’t care about your existence

    MAKE Originals is excited to announce new episodes of the micro-short series Dead Moon Walking. The original series was completed back in 2012, consisting of five episodes. “With the launch of MAKE Originals, we decided to re-release the original episodes and follow them up with a handful of new episodes.” Danny[Read More]

  • Rise and Shine and Partners Team Up with sureCAN’s Bryan Michurski and PING

    by / August 3, 2023 /

    Rise and Shine and Partners have been firing on all cylinders this year and seem to be oozing new work on the daily. As part of the most recent installment in their Cool Jobs You Wish You Had series, they partnered with sureCAN production's director Bryan Michurski to create a very special Ladies' Day for their client PING.

    The spot is humorous and fun — and you'd never guess what the heat index was that day. We're excited to see more work from this talented pool of people [Read More]

  • Director Fern Berresford Kicks Off Rakish Tenure With Women’s Fishing Spot

    by / May 12, 2023 /

    “Find Your Best Self on the Water” director Fern Berresford’s new spot for the non-profit Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation aka RBFF’s latest national Take Me Fishing™ campaign created in open collaboration with creatives at Colle McVoy. debuts. A feel-good fishing-inspired spot, “Find Your Best Self on the Water” marks Berresford’s first U.S.-based shoot and commercial work since joining the roster at Rakish, as it highlights empowered women confidently casting thei[Read More]

  • MAKE Studio Launches New Development of MAKE Originals

    by / April 24, 2023 /

    Animation studio, MAKE, known for its reputable work in the advertising world, sets sights beyond commercial work and dives into original content production with MAKE Originals, an in-house development and production division.

    With a passion for storytelling and commitment to innovation, MAKE enters the realm of original content by creating eye-catching animated micro-short films. "Our goal is to provide bite-size content that is accessible, uniqu[Read More]

  • Health Care Will Never Be the Same: Mayo Clinic Breaks Convention to Usher in Future of Innovation

    by / April 17, 2023 /

    In new advertising campaign, Mayo Clinic spotlights state-of-the-art technologies, practices and interventions distinguishing it as No. 1 hospital in U.S.

    Today, Mayo Clinic launched its latest advertising campaign, inspired by the innovation, technology and patient-centric care that has secured its standing as the No. 1 hospital in the nation for the past seven years, according to U.S. News & World Report.

    “With this new campaign[Read More]

  • Duke Cannon Wants You To Keep It Clean This St. Patrick’s Day

    by / March 6, 2023 /

    For the past few years, Duke Cannon Supply Co. has released a much-loved limited-time-only Shamrock soap to herald the arrival of St. Patrick’s Day. Packed with rich, Gaelic lather and available as both THICK high-viscosity body wash and a Big Arse Brick of Soap, this minty fresh concoction is perfect for washing away the residual mischief and shenanigans of the famously rowdy mid-March holiday.

    But Shamrock’s cleaning abilities are not limited to just human bodies. No, such is th[Read More]