• Duke Cannon Wants You To Keep It Clean This St. Patrick’s Day

    by / March 6, 2023 /

    For the past few years, Duke Cannon Supply Co. has released a much-loved limited-time-only Shamrock soap to herald the arrival of St. Patrick’s Day. Packed with rich, Gaelic lather and available as both THICK high-viscosity body wash and a Big Arse Brick of Soap, this minty fresh concoction is perfect for washing away the residual mischief and shenanigans of the famously rowdy mid-March holiday.

    But Shamrock’s cleaning abilities are not limited to just human bodies. No, such is th[Read More]

  • Paul Irmiter Directs New Video by The Mubbla Buggs

    by / January 12, 2023 /

    Got a few minutes to spare this morning? Check out this new video Paul Irmiter directed for the song "Colouramic" by The Mubbla Buggs. According to Paul, it took weeks to build all the props and set and took about two hours to break it all down. As Paul says, "Hats off to The Mubbla Buggs for trusting this crazy idea and being so much fun to work with on set."

    Director: Paul Irmiter
    Props & Set decoration: Jane "Clouds" Calvin
    Set painter & props: Isabella
    [Read More]

  • Share Piece This Holiday With Hormel® Black Label® Bacon

    by / December 6, 2022 /

    BBDO Minneapolis announces a new holiday effort designed to unite families

    This holiday season, HORMEL BLACK LABEL Bacon is launching a holiday effort as part of their MAKE IT™ campaign showing the power of their bacon to bring families together around a common love. This effort positions the product as an irresistible peacemaker (or piecemaker) during moments of inevitable family holiday tensions.

    The holiday work is led by a TV spot that tells th[Read More]

  • Colle McVoy Launches The “Incredible. Together.” Campaign with Children’s Health

    by / November 29, 2022 /

    When it comes to children’s health, there should be no limits to care. They deserve to be surrounded by relentless and compassionate care teams, the most innovative treatments and a network of specialists committed to better outcomes. The “Incredible. Together.” campaign highlights the continuum of care at Children’s Health and cutting-edge technologies they put to work every day, as well as shows how they’re pushing the boundaries of incredible care to make[Read More]

  • Duke Cannon’s Men’s Gifting Network Is Here To Save Christmas Once Again

    by / November 29, 2022 /

    Since 1992 the Duke Cannon Men’s Gifting Network has taken to the airwaves during the holiday shopping season to perform a critical public service: letting gift-givers know just what to buy men for Christmas. No longer must a tragically uninformed public inflict unwanted neckties and unfortunate sweaters upon hard-working men. Instead, thanks to the stern guidance provided by MGN’s two hosts, gift-givers everywhere are introduced a winter wonderland of holiday-themed grooming goods men ac[Read More]

  • Job Alert: Minnesota United Football Club Seeks Senior Digital Producer

    by / November 23, 2022 /

    The Senior Digital Producer is part of the Marketing & Communications department for Minnesota United Football Club (MNUFC), a sports business located in the Twins Cities area of Minnesota, and a member of Major League Soccer (MLS), the top-tier soccer league in North America.

    This position will sit within the digital arm of the Marketing & Communications department, reporting to the Senior Director of Digital Media and working closely with members of the graphic design, video[Read More]

  • Job Alert: soona Seeks Crew Lead

    by / November 11, 2022 /

    The soona crew lead is an expert executor of exceptional quality ecommerce content, a superior manager of photo and video creatives and has an appreciation for and understanding of customer experience and how great content drives business outcomes both for customers and the company.

    The crew lead is the creative heart and brains of the studio. A commanding people-person, the crew lead is the creative leader and mentor of that location and ensures that the crew is set up for success. O[Read More]

  • Gasket Helps Bring Seal Campaign to Life for American Efficient

    by / November 3, 2022 /

    If you’re looking to seal up your home from air leaks, who better to get advice from than a talking seal? Exactly. Manufacture and Shelton Group partnered with Gasket Studios and Engines Running to bring American Efficient’s campaign to life.

    Gasket's partner, K2 Productions, brought their “A” game for the live-action portion, which allowed Gasket’s VFX team to focus on prepping and gathering the shoot information for animation and postproduction.

    With production fin[Read More]