The World’s Most Remote Agency Outpost


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BBDO Minneapolis opens its Fish Haus for client workshops and team retreats

It’s no secret that breaking out of one’s usual environment can inspire fresh thinking. Studies have also shown that spending time outdoors has a demonstrable effect on creativity. So, in pursuit of some disruptive thinking this winter season, BBDO Minneapolis is taking to the frozen waters of Lake Minnetonka, with the BBDO MPLS FISH HAUS.

Situated on Phelps Bay, the ice fishing house will play host to creative and strategy workshops with clients, team offsites, and meetings with potential agency partners. With bold exterior BBDO branding and modern-meets-Northwoods details adorning every corner of the interior, the Fish Haus offers an inspiring space for throwing a line in the water and tossing around “what ifs.”

Of course, there will be plenty of ice fishing, too, with the Fish Haus fully outfitted for eight people to fish at once, and a leaderboard posted to inspire some friendly competition.

After over two years of virtual meetings and the challenges of maintaining culture while working at a distance, BBDO Minneapolis employees are excited about opportunities to spend time connecting and collaborating in a unique—and truly Minnesotan— environment.


  1. David Fitzgerald February 4, 2023

    So impressive! Ice fishing in style, love it! We need a boat down here on the gulf for our agency!

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