Are You Looking for a Long-Term Relationship?


By The Minneapolis Egotist / /

Who isn’t, right? It is Valentine’s Day after all. But where connections between humans may be fleeting, a relationship with your FVP battery is the real deal.

In a quirky new commercial by Factory Motor Parts, we see that relationship play out on date night. We open on a woman having an unexpected encounter with her ex at a cozy restaurant. It goes up a level when he realizes she’s there with an FVP battery. Reliable, trustworthy and here for the long run …all the things he wasn’t.  She plants the final dagger by noting the battery, “Would never leave her stranded on a cold winter night.”

The spot, created by Minneapolis-based Griffin Archer, debuted last night in a regional Super Bowl buy. You may recognize Factory Motor Parts from their 10,000-square-foot club at US Bank Stadium. The more than 75-year-old, family-owned company is headquartered in Eagan, Minnesota. FMP supplies aftermarket parts from nationally known-brands as well as their own product lines under the FVP banner – including batteries, filters, fluids and more. 

You can find FVP batteries at retailers and repair shops nationwide. Before you reach for their hand, reach for what works – a battery from FVP.


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