• Photographer, Chad Holder, Redesigns Website

    by / January 18, 2023 /

    Chad Holder's photography website has been revamped, featuring his recent campaigns and travels. What can you expect? New work for Best Buy, WM, 3M, OHHA, and General Mills. 

    Another rabbit hole, if the cold/snowy weather is getting to you, would be to take a mental vacation by visiting one of the travel sections for Lake Powell, Europe, China, Egypt, or Kenya.

    Keep an eye on the "LATEST SNAPS" section for the newest updates on Chad Holder[Read More]

  • Armour Photography Hits the Dance Floor with the 2023 Kellé Collection

    by / December 21, 2022 /

    Now that 2022 is coming to an end, Armour brings you the 2023 Kellé Collection.

    In July and early August, Armour produced over 400 images with a great team and the clear vision of Debbie Simmons, creative director, founder, and CEO at Kellé Company. The creation of these images is made with the depth of collaboration that comes from a 15-year professional relationship.

    This project brings emotion, design, and fashion into focus, inspiring dance on a national stage. Kellé cr[Read More]

  • Job Alert: soona Seeks Crew Lead

    by / November 11, 2022 /

    The soona crew lead is an expert executor of exceptional quality ecommerce content, a superior manager of photo and video creatives and has an appreciation for and understanding of customer experience and how great content drives business outcomes both for customers and the company.

    The crew lead is the creative heart and brains of the studio. A commanding people-person, the crew lead is the creative leader and mentor of that location and ensures that the crew is set up for success. O[Read More]

  • 🚨 Job Alert: soona Seeks E-Commerce Photography Contractor

    by / April 27, 2022 /

    The e-commerce photography contractor at soona is a seasoned master of product on white e-commerce photography and has deep experience with the highest level of technical standards and production processes across industries. This contract/consulting role will be responsible for auditing soona's current production system, creating standards, recommendations and processes for gear/products, set up, workflow and post-processing that allow them to consistently deliver the best of product on white[Read More]

  • Rest in Power, Prince

    by / April 22, 2022 /

    This week, like many of us, Armour Photography is remembering Prince and all his creative genius. This contact sheet is from 2004, when Armour Photography collaborated on what would become the cover art for the Musicology album. Rest in power, you sexy MF.⁠

    All rights reserved: Paisley Park/Prince.⁠
    This image is shared with permission from the artist.⁠

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  • Perspectives While Chasing Light

    by / April 13, 2022 /

    April 1st marked 34 years of Armour Photography and the commitment to chase light as a creative path and career. This image feels so right to mark the moment.

    This is not a selfie or even a picture of Jake Armour. It's just a shadow with insight.

    Jake could find all kinds of metaphors for this image, but he prefers to wrap his head around the simplicity of 'less is more'—an ongoing theme in his process as a creative.

    If you stand in your shadow, you have already foun[Read More]