Level Mpls Crafts Love Notes to Win Over North Dakota’s Health Care Workforce


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Level Mpls partnered with North Dakota Health and Human Services to develop a marketing campaign that addresses health care workforce shortages, which are directly impacting the health of the state’s residents. 

 The effort targeted recent health care grads with messaging that inspired them to stay in welcoming communities where they’ll feel at home, find career satisfaction, and make a real difference in the lives of North Dakotans.

 The state enlisted Level Mpls to create a discovery report to inform health care recruitment and retention strategies, develop and implement a marketing campaign, and measure its effectiveness. All of this was grounded in research conducted by the agency that included one-on-one interviews of North Dakota medical students and health care providers.

North Dakota Department of Health Primary Care Office Director Kalee Werner, MPH, spoke about the marketing department’s recruitment-focused goals. “North Dakota’s rural communities have so much to offer smart and talented health care grads looking for a satisfying job and fulfilling lifestyle. Level Mpls worked closely with us to promote our state’s less populated areas as career-and-life-expanding places to make a good living—and a great difference.”

Kim Thelen, president of Level Mpls, explained the insights that helped guide the workforce recruitment campaign’s creative strategy. “During our research, we heard stories from health care workers in rural areas expressing a true sense of home and community.” Added Thelen, “We wanted to capture small-town work and life authentically by representing the communities served, conveying the significant impact health care grads make, and portraying a career and lifestyle that’s rewarding and meaningful.”

The agency’s creative team developed simple, heartfelt messages as “love notes” to celebrate an endearing vision of rural life as the good life. They produced a warm and inviting TV spot with a love poem-like voiceover aimed at health care grads signed off with the campaign’s theme, Love You To Stay. 


Digital and social messaging helped drive awareness, and a landing page provided valuable information and links to exciting health care employment opportunities. Design elements embraced the visual aesthetics of Polaroid photos to instantly convey the enchanting simplicity of rural community life and the cherished memories of authentic work connections. The team also created specially designed graduation cards with poetic well-wishes from North Dakota’s state health officer. 


The campaign elicited a dramatic response. Thanks to the remarkable impact of the marketing efforts, program applications rose higher than ever.

Level Mpls is a women-owned, women-led brand and marketing agency that never shies away from a challenge. It’s an organization built on teamwork, determination, and heart—strongly committed to meeting and exceeding clients’ needs. 

With a vision of making North Dakota the healthiest state in the nation, the North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services (NDHHS) and Primary Care Office fosters positive, comprehensive outcomes by promoting economic, behavioral, and physical health, ensuring a holistic approach to individual and community well-being. Their mission underscores the incredible work underway across NDHHS today and reflects their commitment to keeping the well-being of individuals and communities at the forefront of their efforts.


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