Marketing Consultancy Brave Co. Created to Guide Leaders Ready for Change


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Firm offers a unique blend of marketing consulting, creative services and education

Experienced marketer, educator and entrepreneur Craig Pladson has created Brave Co.™, a consultancy providing fractional strategic marketing leadership, creative services and education for small businesses.

“After spending the past 25 years working as a leader and consultant for numerous organizations, I’ve come to the realization that there are countless ways to assemble marketing talent and the capabilities needed to support an organization,” said Pladson. “If you are the CEO of a fast-growing small business, this can be overwhelming, expensive and time-consuming.”

Fractional marketing leadership is executive expertise, at a fraction of the cost. Brave Co. integrates into a company’s leadership team, identifies opportunities for optimization and connects the right resources to move forward through their Collective.

“We have a unique operating model,” said Pladson. “Every member of the Collective runs their own business and operates with the freedom to remain independent. What brings us together is our shared interest in delivering high-quality work while building our clients sustainable solutions for marketing support long after our engagement ends.”

In addition to services such as brand strategy, campaign development and performance measurement, Brave Co. works with clients on a broad range of strategic initiatives, including identifying internal capabilities gaps, defining team roles and responsibilities, recruiting talent, agency selection and education.

“After several years as an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota and the University of St. Thomas, I have an entirely new perspective on how to design learning experiences for people,” said Pladson. “This influences our approach at Brave Co., focusing on human-centered design through collaboration and co-creation.”

Starting in February, Brave Co. will facilitate training workshops on a variety of topics, including business planning, design, modern public relations, media and more. Additionally, Brave Co. will have online learning resources available, including downloadable methods, the Fortune Follows podcast and created and curated blog content.

“Meaningful change demands a lot—an eagerness to learn, the courage to try something new and confidence in your intuition. Change demands bravery,” said Pladson. “Brave Co. helps our partners find new ways to grow and make the change they need to do it.”

About Brave Co.
Brave Co. is a marketing consultancy offering fractional marketing leadership and project-based advisory for small businesses. Founder and CEO Craig Pladson is a local marketing leader with more than 25 years of experience consulting with a wide variety of brands and industries, ranging from well-funded startups to Fortune 500’s. Brave Co. clients include Nokomis Health, Foundry, DUOS, Medical Alley, Marks Group and more.

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    Interested in joining. Andrew Benson is a friend!

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