Warm Up Those balls. Time to Bowl.


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You smell that? A mélange of wet shoes, greasy food, cheap beer, and alley oil. To some, that may be offensive. To true advertising folk, it’s not offensive enough. For over twenty winters, we’ve brought our post-holiday blahs to the bowling alley to drink, share industry woes, and add to the questionable atmosphere. Some of us even worked on our handicaps.
And here we are. Another season of Ad League Bowling has arrived, and with it, the first-ever marketing campaign promoting its unapologetic qualities. Skully Rebels teamed up with Drive Thru Productions and director Patrick Pierson to create these delightful—no, that’s not the right word—these disturbingly accurate videos to embrace all that Ad League Bowling represents.
Just raw, unfiltered fun.
Client: Ad League Bowling
Agency: Skully Rebels
Production Company: Drive-Thru Inc.
Director: Patrick Pierson
Editor: Mick Uzendoski
[Image and videos courtesy of Skully Rebels.]


  1. Mark January 7, 2024

    Love these. Nicely done.

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