Minneapolis Invites Travelers to “See What All the Fuss Is About”


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Meet Minneapolis launches a new tourism campaign to boldly (re)introduce the city and entice visitors by challenging existing perceptions

Perhaps you’ve heard or read somewhere that Minneapolis is “a ghost town” or that “it’s overrun.” Either way, there has been a lot of fussing about Minneapolis. Starting today, Meet Minneapolis invites travelers to “See What All the Fuss Is About” through its new tourism campaign.

Meet Minneapolis, in partnership with the Minneapolis-based agency Periscope, is setting out to address those misperceptions head-on with a tourism campaign to reclaim the city’s narrative through “See What All the Fuss Is About.” Minneapolis natives embrace the diverse variety of world-class experiences people can have in the state’s largest city. However, negative perceptions have overshadowed the abundance of positive experiences visitors can enjoy.

The result is a campaign designed to boldly and confidently tell the city’s story to people who used to travel to Minneapolis often – as well as those who are new to the destination – by highlighting the remarkable things that the city has to offer.

“People are talking about Minneapolis. Some of them have it wrong, but they are talking,” said Melvin Tennant, president and CEO of Meet Minneapolis. “This campaign will invite those people to re-experience Minneapolis by authentically telling the city’s story as a place that has evolved over the past several years and continues to be a buzzing hub of culture, cuisine, and natural beauty. We’re excited to welcome new and returning visitors to come see what all the fuss is about in Minneapolis.”

The “See What All the Fuss Is About” tagline will be accompanied by digital, broadcast and print advertising, billboards along highways, a dedicated web presence, and a social media influencer program. The campaign will utilize a blend of highly visual and engaging tactics to reach various audiences and turn the dial on their perceptions of Minneapolis. This year’s media spend will be approximately $500,000.

“Minneapolis is a world-class destination at the forefront of creating change. People from all over the world have put down roots in Minneapolis, contributing to an active, dynamic, and diverse culture that has something for everyone,” said Courtney S. Ries, SVP of Destination Branding and Strategy at Meet Minneapolis.

“This campaign will highlight the city’s award-winning food and beverage scene, premier arts programming, world-class museums, elite performance venues, unique independent businesses, glorious park system, numerous options for sports fans and exciting public art,” said Ries. “We invite both new and returning visitors to celebrate and savor these offerings by exploring Minneapolis events, businesses, and attractions throughout the year.”

Visit minneapolis.org/whats-the-fuss/fuss/ to learn more. 


  1. Brendan Loughrey April 14, 2023

    That is a hot take on Minneapolis! Great work!

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