Duke Cannon Wants You To Keep It Clean This St. Patrick’s Day


By The Minneapolis Egotist / /

For the past few years, Duke Cannon Supply Co. has released a much-loved limited-time-only Shamrock soap to herald the arrival of St. Patrick’s Day. Packed with rich, Gaelic lather and available as both THICK high-viscosity body wash and a Big Arse Brick of Soap, this minty fresh concoction is perfect for washing away the residual mischief and shenanigans of the famously rowdy mid-March holiday.

But Shamrock’s cleaning abilities are not limited to just human bodies. No, such is the power of Shamrock that even dirty limericks are given a good scrubbing so that they can be enjoyed by all.

With a campaign running in paid digital channels and on streaming TV, Duke Cannon’s Shamrock soap will ensure consumers have the cleanest St. Paddy’s Day possible.

Agency: Duke Cannon Supply Co.
Copywriter: Rob Franks
Art Director: Chad Nauta
Designer: Andy Lutz
Creative Director: Rob Franks
VP of Marketing: Devin O’Brien
Production Company: Current Resident


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