CCF and Wings Financial Empower Members to Give Themselves Some Credit


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The latest campaign for Wings Financial Credit Union leans on financial empowerment
to encourage members to “borrow smarter.”

People are pretty amazing when it comes to the ways they get economical in life. That was the spark of the idea in the latest campaign for Wings Financial Credit Union by CCF. Starting with a Slack channel asking what CCF employees do in life to save money (“lived with in-laws to save for a down payment”/“turn leftovers into new meals”) and listening to consumers talk about the importance of finances today—these stories became the meat of “Give Yourself Some Credit.” 

And before we could even let the ink dry on this post, the campaign won a Marketing Award in the video category from the 2022 Minnesota Credit Union Marketing Awards.

ECD: Jim Landry
Senior AD: Dan Erickson
Writer/GCD: Ian Simpson
Senior Account Manager: Irelyn Huntley
Account Director: Molly Hull
Project Manager: Stephanie Lee

Production: 8th St. Productions
Producer: Tammy Auel
Director: Jon Nowak
DP: Alex Horner
Editor: Steve Barone


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