Duke Cannon’s Men’s Gifting Network Is Here To Save Christmas Once Again


By The Minneapolis Egotist / /

Since 1992 the Duke Cannon Men’s Gifting Network has taken to the airwaves during the holiday shopping season to perform a critical public service: letting gift-givers know just what to buy men for Christmas. No longer must a tragically uninformed public inflict unwanted neckties and unfortunate sweaters upon hard-working men. Instead, thanks to the stern guidance provided by MGN’s two hosts, gift-givers everywhere are introduced a winter wonderland of holiday-themed grooming goods men actually like, where every present is received with genuine appreciation instead of being secretly returned for cash sometime in January.

With a campaign of :30, :15 and :06 spots run on paid digital as well as streaming TV channels, the Duke Cannon Men’s Gifting Network provides warm yuletide cheer that rivals a cup of even the most potent eggnog.

Agency: Duke Cannon Supply Co.
Creative Director/Copywriter:  Rob Franks
Art Directors: Loren Purcell /Luke Oeth
Senior Designer: Andy Lutz
Brand Communications Manager: Felicia Johnson
E-Commerce Manager: Chris Lutz
VP of Marketing: Devin O’Brien
Production Company: Current Resident


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