Periscope’s Favorite Child Launches First 3 Bodies of Design Work


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Summit Brewing Nialas
Periscope was given the opportunity to own brand design and packaging—through its core design practice Favorite Child—for Nialas, Summit Brewing’s first line of non-alcoholic beer. Nialas is a beer drinker’s fantasy, packed with flavor and crafted with the same high-quality ingredients and perfectionism that Summit brings to all of their beers without the watered-down flavor of a traditional NA. Dubbed “The Trailblazer,” Summit is blazing a new trail—one forged by craft that empowers beer lovers to explore something new.

The creative work of Nialas is centered on the notion of beer drinkers planting their flag with an explorer’s flag on the packaging. This signifies encouraging beer drinkers to discover a whole new world— one where non-alcoholic craft beer tastes like the beers they already love. The beer category, whether alcoholic or NA, is full of standard lifestyle photography of people holding beers, or beers perched in a scenic place. Summit has turned the beers into a scenic place in a graphic way, depicting colorful, picturesque adventures on the packaging to encourage consumers to explore a new beer-drinking experience.


Periscope was tasked with this rebranding to envision a new way to honor Avant’s customer’s financial experiences by carefully reconsidering their positioning at all touch points. Avant is a fintech “neobank” founded with the mission to provide access to credit for populations who are historically underserved by the traditional banking system. They offer credit cards, loans, and online banking to empower their customers to defy their circumstances with financial solutions. Avant aims to revolutionize traditional banking by lowering costs and barriers for everyday people with a credit-first approach.

Avant’s creative transformation is based on a blend of form and function, with expressive energy surrounding the possibilities of financial freedom. The color scheme has been trademarked with three colors, “Boundless Blue”, “No Nonsense Navy”, and “Rally Red”, all aptly named for their situational uses. The colors represent transparency, flexibility, and advocacy for customers to help get them through their toughest challenges.

Another key piece of branding is brand photography, with a library of branded imagery that captures the key markets of Avant and represents a diverse range of people from all walks of life, allowing customers to see themselves depicted in the branding. The wide range of lifestyles depicted in the brand imagery was chosen with subjects who demonstrated the tenacity and grit of real Avant customers.

Mostly Made
The Mostly Made and Periscope relationship came from an unexpected meeting between founder Jillian McGary, and Periscope’s SVP of Business & Brand Leadership in a grocery store where Jillian was sampling her new products. In 2021, Mostly Made tapped Periscope for an end-to-end packaging program backed by parent company Quad.

Mostly Made is a meal solution for anyone looking to complete fresh, homemade meals and get them on the table faster, with healthy meal options for every lifestyle. Founded in 2015 by busy mom Jillian in Deephaven, MN, the brand was born after her sister-in-law was diagnosed and undergoing treatment for breast cancer and she needed a solution to share simple, healthy meals without bulky pans taking up too much space in the freezer. Mostly Made is the only meal-prep solution that offers a smart and simpler way to create homemade, satisfying meals that offer ready-to-use starter mixes and fillings ready in 20+ minutes, fresh ingredients pre-chopped and cooked, tasty recipes, customizable portions for personal dietary needs, and clean ingredients.

When the product moved from the freezer to the refrigerated deli case, it was met with both stiffer competition and a display it wasn’t designed for — the product slumped down on the shelf and sales were challenging. Periscope’s work with Mostly Made offered a true end-to-end solution, spanning brand positioning, strategic design, structural engineering, package insights testing, photography, pre-media, co-manufacturing, and printing. The transformation even included a more eco-friendly packaging solution, and the Mostly Made product is certified plastic negative.

The final design hits a sweet spot of a contemporary, bold look along with functional, clear, and consistent design cues about ingredients and prep. Consumer testing found that the new packaging was seen in half the time and looked at for twice as long compared with the old packaging. The brand’s new positioning captures a new mission of “mealtime transformed”, and prioritizes the customers who want to “conquer cooking,” no matter the demographic. Mostly Made has meal solutions for anyone looking to complete fresh, homemade meals and get them on the table faster.



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