Team Promotions Drive Br8kthru’s Standard of Performance


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Four promotions at Br8kthru Consulting allow the team to continue providing Michelin-Star Standards for a collaborative approach with clients

Team promotions pave the path for Br8kthru Consulting’s growth. The Minneapolis-based marketing + technology agency recently promoted four team members to support the organization’s commitment to high-quality service and long-term client relationships.

“Br8kthru is committed to excellence,” said Jon Lenz, Managing Director at Br8kthru. “Our team brings a cohesive approach to digital marketing and technology through our shared disciplines. These recent promotions represent an emphasis on organizational growth + development across a few of Br8kthru’s core services.”

Taylor Baskfield, Manager of Client Engagement. Baskfield’s role is to lead the organization’s project management function, with an emphasis on producing the Michelin-Star standards to which Br8kthru aspires.

Nick Meyer, Manager of Digital Strategy. Meyer leads the technical aspects of our performance marketing work, such as paid media, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Michelle Peterson, Content Marketing Manager. Peterson leads the content team, including both content marketing and communications, to build content systems for clients across all platforms.

Brittany Viskoe, Manager of Account Strategy. Viskoe is responsible for overseeing Br8kthru’s account services function, building client relationships, and business development to strengthen long-term partnerships.

Together, these promotions reflect the knowledge and experience Br8kthru instills in every client relationship. Our combined empathy and expertise allows us to collaborate effectively with invested clients and stakeholders, produce high-quality work, improve client visibility and engagement, and earn meaningful business results.


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