Jackson Hole Puts Its Foot Down


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During the pandemic, Jackson Hole felt the swell of tourism that came from an increased interest in getting outdoors (which was up 30% in the last year). With more people on the trails of its 97% protected land and two national parks, hikers began wandering off-trail, damaging the environment and putting the entire ecosystem at risk.

To get people to stay on the trails, Jackson Hole had to put a foot down, literally. Introducing the Tread on the Trail program, a first-of-its-kind OOH activation that uses specially designed hiking boots to leave subtle footprints with a strong message to “tread on the trail.” The program was piloted this past fall, sharing the message on many trails in the most non-invasive way possible, all to protect 24,000 acres of land, one step at a time.

The Tread on the Trail campaign is an evolution of Jackson Hole’s high-profile Stay Wild campaign that continues to encourage visitors to join its conservation efforts in unique ways like Tag Responsibly and has been imitated by caretakers of other precious lands. As a leader in the modern conservation movement, Jackson Hole takes pride in its legacy of conservation and the preservation and protection of the ecosystems that attract countless visitors from around the world.

Creative Credits | Client: Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism. Agency: Colle McVoy. Video footage: New Thought


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