Karl Herber, Shutterbug Extraordinaire, Debuts New Site


By The Minneapolis Egotist / /

As a photographer, Karl Herber has a few distinct service offerings: digital tech services, retouching, fine art printing, and he, of course, snaps photos too.

Conventional marketing wisdom is to have separate brands and sites for each division, but Karl’s buddy Dan Kantor helped him create a very elegant brand strategy to tell Karl’s story and all that he does.

Here’s what Dan had to say about the process: “When Karl approached me to design his website, it was evident that he had a brand architecture problem. This is a common challenge experienced by any brand that grows beyond its original core audience.”

“While Karl saw himself as having a few different specialty businesses, we saw a single business with multiple divisions that had a lot of potential for cross-selling, each division adding credibility to the others. Why wouldn’t a professional photographer want to use Karl to also print their images? Or retouch them? Wouldn’t it be great if someone knew that Karl could also retouch their images before he printed and framed them? And as a digital tech, Karl’s skills fit seamlessly into the workflow of image creation to image completion. In short, Karl’s story went from disintegration to integration. From there, all we had to do was simplify the story and build a site around it.”


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