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January 14, 2020


CAPSULE ( is an award-winning design firm in Minneapolis (but we don’t like to brag). We’re currently seeking a creative, innovative, dare we say, quirky graphic designer to join our hard-working, fun-loving Capsule crew.

As a valued member of our team, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to work on a variety of projects within a broad range of clients and industries, including the crafting of corporate and product brand identities, wordsmithing names, developing retail communications, applying advertising, tinkering with web design and implementing stunning
packaging systems.

/// DESIRED ///
Forget walking and chewing gum at the same time, Capsule needs someone who takes acrobatics to the next level, simultaneously balancing dreaming, thinking and doing on a trapeze of multiple projects and tight timelines. Currently, Capsule is seeking a designer who has so adeptly mastered the physical world that they’ve moved into building their experience in the digital design realm.

Ideal candidates are creative thinkers whose daydreaming brains still maintain a firm footing in reality to produce strategic and contextual design solutions. Excellent presentation, interpersonal, organizational and project management skills are a must. And, experience with packaging never hurt anyone. As a fellow Capsule crew member, this person must be able to work within a cohesive team while also being able to fly solo from time to time.

/// REQUIRED ///
BA/BFA/BS in Graphic Design
Minimum of 3+ years professional experience
Our ideal applicant has experience in both print and digital
Passion and skill for visual storytelling
Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite

Capsule has refused to adopt a descriptor since 1999. We’ve worked indoors and outdoors. We’ve strategized for billion dollar industries and nonprofits. Conducted research for brands both big and small. We’ve given new faces to startups and facelifts to businesses over a century old. We’ve named everything from apples to office chairs. Rebranded schools and orchestras. Crafted experiences for grocery stores and Super Bowls. Our refusal to limit our work to one specific industry, combined with the satisfaction we find from poking problems that others won’t touch with ten foot poles, has earned us quite the rolodex of partners over the last 20 years. So if you asked us to describe Capsule in a word, we guess our word would be “We can’t.”

Clients we’ve grown with include Patagonia, Thrivent Financial, Mattel, Minnesota Orchestra, Medtronic, Cargill, Gerber, Hydro Flask, Red Wing Shoes, The Honest Company, Yakima, Herman Miller, Caribou Coffee, Pepsi and SmartWool.

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