Understanding Generation Alpha—What Marketers Need to Know

December 6, 2018
08:30 am to 10:30 am
WeWork 225 South 6th Street Minneapolis, MN 55402

Join us for breakfast, networking and best of all, a lively discussion about the consumer of tomorrow. We’ll be talking all about Generation Alpha – and everything marketers need to know about these tech-driven tykes.

Discussion Topic
How is technology impacting kids born after 2010, also known as Generation Alpha? And what does this mean for marketers? With the help of Wired Consulting and the world’s leading neuroscientists, educators, and cultural commentators, we have uncovered how technology is affecting brain development of these youngsters, the trends that will define this generation, and how brands will be able to reach them in the future. But what about right now? Our new findings dive into the parents of Generation Alpha across the world to understand what they make of their kids’ use of technology and the impact it has on family life, along with what that means for marketers today


Laura Macdonald, Head of Consumer, North America, Hotwire


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