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March 23, 2019


Mighteor Minneapolis Production Manager:

The Production Manager is responsible for ensuring the timely execution and delivery of every video at the company. From when the customer first begins working with Mighteor to the final delivery of their videos - this person makes sure the client has a successful experience from pre-production through post-production. This role supports both the Denver and Minneapolis office.

The Production Manager reports to the Director on the projects they are assigned.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Client on-boarding: Ensuring the client has a successful transition from prospect to customer by completing tasks that will help to ensure that the client has a successful delivery.
- Signing the Letter of Agreement
- Completing the Client On-boarding Survey
- Establishing deadlines and deliverables
- Scheduling the Creative Briefing
- Developing production plan
- Sharing deadlines with key teammates
- Acquiring and sharing branding materials

2. Pre-Production: Successfully communicating HOW the client’s video will be completed and making sure each of the steps required to make that happen is executed and planned for, including working with vendors and partners, as needed.
- Hosting a Creative Briefing
- Sharing the Creative Briefing with the Team so they can build a Creative Concept
- Getting Approval on the Creative Concept
- Scheduling the Shoot Day
- Developing Production Schedule for Shoot Days
- Managing Casting
- Managing Photo Release and Location Releases
- Acquiring Production Insurance
- Applying for and Acquiring Permits, as needed
- Hosting the Pre-Production Meeting before the Shoot Day
- Providing ongoing communication on animation projects
- Ensuring the entire team is prepared for the Shoot Day
- Acquiring and managing contracts for vendors, talent and partners
- Making and keeping track of travel arrangements
- Working with locations to coordinate details

3. Production: The day of the shoot is a critical part of the customer experience. During the production days, the Production Manager is responsible for making sure the client has a positive production - establishing a “concierge” feeling throughout the day.
- Getting to set early to establish space, as needed
- Welcoming client and walking them through the day
- Welcoming talent and vendors and walking them through the day
- Providing support to crew throughout the day
- Managing and acquiring catering for the day
- Walking team and client through materials, as needed
- For Animation Projects, provide client updates and staff updates, as needed
- Track and Copy all receipts for projects

4. Post - Production: After the shoot is complete, the hard work on making the vision come to life must be completed. The Production Manager’s role is to keep the team on time, communicate with the client and set up the processes necessary to ensure on time delivery.
- Create the client login page on the website
- Getting location and talent releases
- Working with team to communicate deadlines and ensure they meet them
- Delivering client their client page on time
- Tracking and drafting Edit Notes
- Confirming every edit in the Edit Notes are completed
- Working with the team to ensure Edits are made
- Communicating with the client on Edits
- Coordinating Post-Production reviews, as needed
- Ensuring proper exported videos are shared and saved on Google Drive
- Ensuring clients receive download links
- Communicating with the clients on download links
- Providing download support

5. Delivery: Once a project is complete, the Production Manager must now work to ensure that the client has a successful experience USING their video or videos in a way that allows them to meet their goals.
- Sharing final download link with client
- Providing closed captions, as needed
- Acquiring closed captions, as needed
- Assisting client with downloading and uploading
- Assisting client with art cards, as needed
- Providing client with the distribution checklist
- Scheduling post-delivery recap with client
- Talking with client about video performance and executing assistance
- Providing guidance on getting additional views
- Referring client to media buyers, as needed
- Signing up appropriate videos for awards
- Sharing client videos on Mighteor social pages

6. Organizational Support: In addition to managing day to day client work, the Production Manager will also be responsible for ensuring that the company’s processes, workflows and general strategic projects are being executed, as expected from senior leadership. This may include Studios as we get closer to launch.

This is a full-time position in the Minneapolis office.

Compensation will include a base salary of $45,000 - $50,000

Mighteor offers extensive PTO, top tier health insurance and dental insurance, a 401K with 4% match and life insurance to all employees.


Mighteor is a Certified-Women Owned Business with a commitment to diversity and inclusion. We invite applicants who value a collaborative, fast-paced and growth-oriented work environment.

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