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March 20, 2019


You are a creative champion experienced at developing brands from scratch and taking them to market. You look at every brand as an experience, always pushing for brand transformation to a unique, distinct, innovative, useful and memorable version of itself. You lead, mentor, rally, create and sell thru compelling creative. You are instinctively intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial, promoting innovation and actively seeking new opportunities for growth for the agency.

Ins and outs:

Manage mid and large-sized brands
Qualify, prioritize and delegate workloads for your team(s)
Interact with clients at the director level, building trust and working to ensure ongoing partnership and new opportunities
Develop and design desirable, engaging ideas that move business forward
Enthrall clients and coworkers with thought leadership, inspiration and vision on design, branding and marketing
Spearhead entrepreneurial efforts
Collaborate with creative director(s) to ensure that creative exceeds agency and client expectations
Demonstrate leadership skills consistently
Actively manage teams to deliver responsive and responsible work with positivity, empathy and consistent leadership
Model by example and mentor whenever appropriate

In your back pocket:

Eight+ years of conceptual graphic design experience
Strong creative portfolio
Ability to manage your own schedule and asks in addition leading your team and meeting their needs from a creative direction standpoint
Ability to combine design with market-ready strategic ideas
Agility, nimbleness and the ability to pivot ideas easily
Ability to command different visual styles/tones using the latest creative software
Ability to work well under pressure
Excellent presentation skills
Curiosity for new technologies, emerging trends, innovative ideas and fresh thinking
Highly responsible, collaborative and self-motivated
Retail experienced strongly preferred

Who We Are:

Latitude isn’t your average design shop. We don’t just slay from 9-5 every weekday for paychecks and portfolio pieces. We operate with a wider lens, partnering with killer brands, and investing 50% of our profits to elevate humanity. So, you see, we’re not just doing great work, we’re doing it for the greater good.

Walking into work with purpose laced into our boot straps is what pushes us to do our best work. And because we believe that purpose elevates talent, we believe it will elevate your talents too.

We are an equal opportunity employer.

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