Flimp Communications | 2D motion graphics designer/animator


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Type Of Work:
Denver and beyond
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Date Posted:
October 9, 2018


We are looking to expand our network of freelance 2D motion graphic designers and animators! Successful candidates will work on a per-project basis and potentially receive consistent work from us. You will most often be animating corporate explainer videos from provided graphic assets. You will also be asked to design your own storyboards and assets, but not on every project. Our vendors work closely with with our internal production team and project managers from start to finish.

Typical tasks include:
-Working within Adobe After Effects with mostly Adobe Illustrator assets
-Animating your storyboard OR a storyboard that we create internally
-Designing original style frames based on client guidelines and provided scripts
-Creating and designing storyboards that depict the narrative and visuals of audio-visual scripts
-Working with stock assets provided and selecting new stock materials like footage, images, or vectors
-Staying organized within our production pipeline and delivering quality-checked content on time
-Keeping consistent workflow organization, practicing good digital housekeeping, and setting up clean projects

We strive to turn around 2-minute video projects in 2-3 weeks, including two rounds of client feedback at each stage. Please expect to be in frequent communication with us once a project gets going.

About us:
Flimp Communications is a leader in HR, benefits and employee communications and provides videos and interactive digital communications solutions to employers, benefits brokers, insurance carriers and healthcare providers.

Flimp values diversity deeply. Women, people of all races, sexual orientations, individuals with disabilities and veterans are encouraged to apply.