Think & Link with Susan Griffin-Black and Nora Schaper

December 14, 2023
03:00 pm to 05:30 pm
1220 Marshall St Ne, Minneapolis, MN 55413
Capsule + Marketers Community

We have a special celebration, a fresh introduction to the holiday season, and a partnership Laura King, Abby Kelsey and the Marketers Community. Consider this a fulfillment of your 2023 holiday party obligations (if you’re an introvert) and the place you’ll meet the most interesting people (if you’re an extrovert). We will have treats, seasonal beverages and other items to fit any disposition.

Our two speakers will take us into sustainable design, beauty products and entrepreneurship through the lens of two inspired founders, Susan Griffin-Black founder of EO Products and Nora Schaper founder of HiBAR.

If either of these brands is new to you, we’re here to get you caught up with some good happening in the world.

With a keen ear and attention paid you’ll likely learn four things from these marvelous leaders.

One: the impact of taking out excess water and single use plastics in one part of our lifestyle.

Two: the entrepreneurial and marketing challenges that come with changing human behaviors.

Three: building a business over nearly 30 years, and what it takes to continue to innovate.

Four: how to build resilience into your business

This pairing looks to be another joy filled finish to our 2023 series and certainly not one to miss.

Our format is a 60 minute Q&A discussion hosted by Aaron Keller of Capsule and Laura King of the Marketers Community and questions from our audience sprinkled into the conversation.

We are charging a $35 attendance fee to cover our cost of food, drinks and merriment. Real merriment for $35 is a deal nowadays.

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