Irish Titan | Project Manager

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Type Of Work:
Minneapolis, MN
Date Posted:
July 2, 2018


Full disclosure: This is not a “by the numbers” job, because we are not a “by the numbers” company. We are, however, the recipient of multiple Best Places to Work awards and nominations. So, there’s that. But wait...there’s more!

We are a rapidly growing digital agency seeking a talented, driven individual to come along for the ride (actually, help steer!). We’re looking for someone to do more than just fit in; we’re looking for a Project Manager to help make us better. Having the right personality is as important as having the right skill set. Our culture is on a par with competence
• Business First, Online Second™ (Our “Why.“)
• Partnerships, Not Transactions (Our “How.“)
• POTIS (Just ask.)

Project Managers are the conductors of our Irish Titan orchestra, managing our digital projects, and as such, you should consider yourself ultimately responsible for the quality and overall customer experience of our projects - IrishTitan will only be as good as our Project Managers. In reflection of this, you will be expected to demonstrate familiarity with orchestrating complex digital/e-commerce projects, familiarity with project management tools, excellent client communication skills, and taking command of the delivery of our services.

Our projects range from sophisticated ecommerce builds to ongoing marketing engagements. Data management of our internal tools and data is a priority. You will work with account management, marketing, creative and development teams and are responsible for delivering projects on-time and on-budget. To be successful, you need a positive attitude, be deadline-driven, and have meticulous attention to detail. Bonus points for being obsessively organized.

Responsibilities include:
●Detail-oriented management of projects, project teams, and clients
●Orchestration of project resourcing including follow-ups on progress and team accountability
●Risk management and mitigation including delivering both good and bad news to leadership and clients
●Exceptional communication skills in-person, on the phone (yes, on an actual phone) and in-writing with both clients and fellow Titans
●Multi-tasking master who can handle several complex projects simultaneously
●Confidence in being able to question the status-quo and make strong recommendations for improvements instead of going along with “the way we’ve always done it.”
●Driven to find solutions rather then just identifying problems

●Experience managing software or web development projects
●Experience with Jira
●Excellent communication skills both internally and client-facing
●2+ years of project management experience
●1+ year of digital agency experience
●Ability to learn quickly and make an impact immediately
●Familiarity with Wordpress, Magento, Shopify, Drupal and other industry tools
●Experience with the fast-moving, sometimes crazy, agency environment

Bonus Points:
●PMP, CSM or other project management certification(s)
●Technical knowledge in Wordpress, Magento, Shopify and/or Drupal platforms
●Basic HTML/CSS or other code experience
●Ability to find the typo in this job description

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