Yamamoto Gives Clients the Gift of Giving


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This holiday season, Yamamoto gave clients and partners the gift of giving to needy children in the Minneapolis area.

These days charitable gifting is common. Instead of flashy gifts, partners and clients often receive a card notifying them that a charitable donation has been made in their name.

But Yamamoto wanted to do it a bit differently. What if you could see the gift you were giving? What if that charitable gift actually felt like it came from you? Could you make corporate charitable giving feel more personal?

So, this year Yamamoto did just that, and made winter coats for needy children, crediting their clients by name. Not only did clients receive a card with a picture of the coat, that was literally donated in their name, they also received their own jacket from their favorite Yamamoto staffer.

The special “Get A Gift Give A Gift,” effort generated over 66 winter coats for children and over 200 lbs. of donated food. And it gave staffers and clients the feeling that they were personally connected to each other and to someone in need.

AGENCY: Yamamoto, CEO: Kathy McCuskey, CCO: Grant Smith, SENIOR AD: Meky Wong, SENIOR CW: Vincent Koci, SENIOR CW: Brenna Ruiz, SENIOR MAC ARTIST: Katie Byrd, SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER: Deborah Vaughan, PRODUCTION COMPANY: Imprint Engine.


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