What Happens When You Mix a Mandalorian with a Minnesotan? The Minnesotalorian, Obviously


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Fallon NY President John King has some interesting side projects outside of the agency. His latest is a Minnesota-inspired Star Wars parody – what he is calling “the first-ever Sci-Fi Midwestern.”

Who is the Minnesotalorian? Well, he sure looks a lot like the Mandalorian—only his cape has been replaced by a scarf. His beskar steel suit? Well, that’s been appropriately swapped out for a pair of reliable choppers, and a winter coat and boots. Even the Minnesotalorian’s taser rifle sure seems to resemble a high-end ice scraper.

With over 15 Million downloads of Disney Plus, The Mandalorian has emerged as the most on-demand, most streamed, and most memed (Baby Yoda anyone?!) show in the universe. As for The Minnesotalorian? Well, only time will tell.

The Minnesotalorian launches on YouTube this Friday with a trailer, as well as Chapter One “Cold Boxes” where the Minnesotalorian runs into a stretch of bad gambling luck ripping pull-tabs at the local VFW and Legion.



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