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The team at Mortarr has a small media budget and an even smaller production budget. Enter YouTube preroll ads.

Now imagine for a moment that you’re an interior designer (you can be a successful, good looking one if you’d like, it’s your imagination remember) working on your latest commercial project for a corporate office. You’re a bit tired of comparing paint samples and suddenly you get an email from a coworker with a link to what looks like, ah yes it is, a link, a YouTube video. You click, but oh shoot, before you can watch what’s sure to be a hilarious clip of a cat playing ping pong or someone falling down, you have to endure a 13 second preroll ad. You go to skip it, but nope, can’t. Luckily for you the people at Mortarr who would love to get you over to their site to find ideas for your corporate office project are going to swim with you instead of against you.

Now imagine you are the architect of the corporate office project and you’re tasked with lining up a contractor to bring the clients vision to life. You’ve finally called it quits for the day and it’s late, real late. The only thing you really feel like doing is checking out a video on YouTube to see how to the trim the perfect brisket.

Now imagine you’re tasked with products that will make up the finished space, elements like lighting, flooring, furniture. After a sorting outdated product catalogues and google image hunting for clues, frustrated, you decide to take a break. Your attention immediately turns to YouTube in search of swing tips to improve your golf game. You’ve only got 3 more months of winter to dial it in for cripes sake.

The team shared some comments on why they thought these would work.

“People still don’t care that you paid for space or time. They care if it’s interesting to them.” – Taylor Friehl, Designer at Mortarr

“Our whole philosophy with our digital marketing is to be creepy but not seem creepy” – Lynsie Stortroen, Digital Strategist

“You don’t have to be a cat person to like these videos.” – Social Strategist Julianna Arjes

“I personally hate preroll ads. But I don’t hate these.” – Cole Thompson, Creative Director

“When you advertise on YouTube or Instagram or Facebook, you’re competing with cats, cupcake recipes, friends and whatever else people are actually there to see. So instead of try to compete with that, we embraced it.” – Abby Murray, Chief Brand Officer

“We wanted to say “100% Commercial Pros, 0% Bull Shit” but we didn’t know if YouTube would allow it.” – Jen Levisen

Taylor Friehl, Designer/Video/Cat Lover
Cole Thompson, Writer/CD
Lynsie Stortroen, Digital Strategist
Julianna Arjes, Social Strategist
Jen Levisen, Communications Director
Abby Murray, Chief Brand Officer


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