The COGRID-19 Project Is Growing


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After a successful launch earlier this year in Philadelphia and the Bay Area, HUb is pleased to announce the addition of four new cities (Boston, Chicago, Kansas City, and Minneapolis) as part of its COGRID-19 project.

COGRID-19 brings together 19 different artists/designers from a number of cities and asks each of them to design a panel representing their time in quarantine. The panels are assembled on a shared grid, and the collected works are a commentary on not only the public health crisis, but the racial, political, and environmental issues that have overtaken the year 2020.

It’s been a hell of a year, and HUb hopes this work can be a small reminder that fear and uncertainty can be harnessed to engender positivity, creativity, and hope. 100% of the profits from grid sales will be donated to a worthy charity in each city.

COGRID-19 was the brainchild of HUb Philly Creative Director, Jason Rothman. “We were looking for a way to do something to help out in some way, no matter how small. Bringing together creatives to make stuff is what we do at HUb everyday, so this experimental project was born out of that. I honestly wasn’t sure if it would even work, but we made it happen thanks to the now over 100 amazing artists and designers donating their time and talents to the project.” says Rothman.




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