Swim Creative Announces A Challenge To All Of Duluth: Raise Your Vote!


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Swim Creative, a branding and advertising firm, has issued a challenge to their fellow residents in Duluth, Minnesota: Lift the city to the highest percentage of voter turnout in our state.

In the 2016 election, Minnesota led the nation in percentage of voter participation. Now, for the 2020 election, Swim believes Duluth has the hometown pride and connected community required to make Duluth the city with the highest percentage of voter participation in the state. Could that make Duluth the country’s voting capital? There’s only one way to know for sure: Raise Your Vote Duluth.

Why is Swim issuing this challenge? “We live and work in this city,” says Patrice Bradley, Swim’s founder, CEO and creative director. “Like many of our fellow Duluthians, we volunteer for the causes and organizations close to our heart, and we are avid voters. We also know that, in the 2020 election, what our city, state and country needs most is for everyone to be heard and for everyone to vote.”

But Swim is doing more than simply issuing a challenge. They’ve created a fun website with a lot of helpful information, plus free, downloadable graphics for Duluthians to help spread the social media word. Visit raiseyourvoteduluth.com to learn more about the campaign, get the free downloads, and pledge to Raise Your Vote.

“Our hope is that the people in our city take this idea and run with it,” says Bradley. “If Duluth can harness the same energy that fueled voting for past competitions like Outdoor Magazine’s Best Outdoor City in America — if we can turn that kind of civic pride loose on the 2020 election — we won’t just show the rest of the state how voting is done, we’ll show the rest of the country. Duluthians are proud of their city and their country, and there is nothing more we can do to show that civic pride than vote.”


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