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Hook Agency started as Tim B Design back when Tim Brown was in school for web design in 2012, and while renting a desk in a co-working space, Tim sketched an idea of his ideal office. It included a video room, a music room, tons of creative space, and a central conference room. 
After ‘overlapping’ at another agency in town for 2.5 years – he took his show on the road, but the office he was able to afford was a 500-ft. North Loop basement office that he shared with another freelancer. 
Tim teamed up with his wife Bea Bonte, and then together they hired the first few employees – expanding into other basement offices until three years later an opportunity presented itself to move into the Brin Glass Building. A music app company had built out the space with a $250k remodeling budget, and even though it was 5,000 square feet, Tim, Bea and their now 12-person team made the leap. 
The new space features environmentally-friendly LED lighting, a big central glass conference room, a music jam room/2nd conference room, and a ton of natural light. 
Hook Agency has decked it out with a fluorescent logo, a generous amount of greenery and some blue and white Mediterranean-style décor.
Hook’s founder recently painted a hand-lettered mural with their community/people motto “Champion The Underdog” – next to a stocked bar cart.
The office also includes creative space in the back with video games and a DJ booth, and a lot of space to ‘social distance’ and stay safe in this unusual time. 
It wasn’t until Hook was fully moved in, that CEO Tim Brown, remembered his dusty sketch of his ‘dream office.’ As a company that helps people Hook better leads with SEO + Web Design, Tim says he “hopes Hook helps more companies create jobs, drive the local MN economy, and achieve their dreams as well.” 
The Brin Building (above Black Sheep Pizza and across the street from Smack Shack) has a rich history – as the home of Brin Glass Company. Here’s a little excerpt of the buildings history:


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