Solve Breaks New Television Commercial for Inspired Closets


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Inspired Closets, a premium brand within the $9 billion home storage and organization category, is introducing a new TV spot within its ongoing national campaign this week from AOR, Minneapolis-based Solve. The television spot features a woman rehearsing her introduction, seemingly prepping for a blind date. The story unfolds to reveal she’s, in fact, going to meet her adoptive son for the first time. “Life’s most inspired days start in Inspired Closets,” said Solve account director Andrew Pautz. “The campaign has been remarkably successful in repositioning the closet as the catalyst for life’s experiences,” Pautz added.

The television commercial was shot by Harrison Schaaf of award-winning production company Whitelist, based in Los Angeles, and will be part of the brand’s multi-media, multimillion-dollar campaign in 2019. The national campaign includes broadcast, print, digital and social content, and dealer support materials.


  1. Simone Brazzini January 30, 2019

    What’s the name of the actress?

  2. Meagan October 5, 2019

    I think it looks like Emily Tarver

  3. Susan Benyak October 15, 2020

    What a dumb ad. Hello Michael…. I am a rich white lady with a CLOSET bigger than your home, and LUCKY YOU! Apparently I can afford to adopt you! But first….look at all my shoes! And clothes! And jewelry!
    What was the point?
    Inspired Closets should be embarrassed by this commercial.

  4. Kelly December 25, 2021

    My thoughts exactly Susan B. I was floored
    by this ad. Talk about white privilege! Look at me I’m rich and now I will be the benevolent Savior for you Michael. Michael? Did they change his name too?!


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