Periscope and Cox TV launch two new TV spots


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Cox Communications and Periscope are launching two new TV spots that send a message to retailers across cable companies and beyond: personal service and human interaction cannot be replaced by technology. 

The commercials, which deliberately highlight the value of personal contact with service experts in Cox’s retail stores, were directed by Tucker Gates, a prolific television producer and director known for his work on Homeland, X-Files, Lost and more. The director of photography is Janusz Kamiński famous for his work with Steven Spielberg on Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan.


  1. jason April 24, 2018

    Was this really meant to be posted? WTF was that! Tucker Gates and Janusz Kamiński didn’t help along this turd.

  2. Steven Spielberg April 24, 2018

    I don’t think I’ve seen worse work from an Oscar-winning DP. Great use of your money, Periscope!*

  3. Wow May 1, 2018

    This is so bad.

  4. kevin from cox May 4, 2018

    Just how many times has Kevin run away from home to spend time at the Cox store?

  5. J.W.K. May 9, 2018

    Did this really require an oscar-winning DP vs. supporting your local support services?

  6. Robert Mosteller August 4, 2019

    Why did they bleep out the name of the actress playing Kevin’s mom?

  7. Anon August 13, 2019

    Retail is in a sad state when a kid wants to hang out in the cable store. Advertising is in an even sadder state when an agency is evidently proud of yet another telecom campaign set in a store.

  8. ma0u January 17, 2020

    Anyone else picking up sexual undertones between the parents and the Cox workers? Especially with the mom–she looks exactly like a chick who dgaf about this type of Cox. she just wants to make sure her soulless little ginger demon is in bed when the Cox worker shows up to work his magic. As for the dad, he just looks high af.

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