Open Book Communications Launches Website to Clarify Focus and Value Proposition


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Team Open Book started the new year with a new website: Their goal was to put a sharper point not only on what they do but also on how they think. The new site was designed and created in-house by the creative team. The site reflects a refreshed visual brand for Open Book, as well as a new way of defining their audience: to serve the organizations, companies, and leaders that are building tomorrow.

Throughout the website, they incorporated video and animation—paired with messaging—to help move users through ideas and their specific point of view. Open Book believes in the strategic integration of art and copy to tell an invitational story. This was the vision for their new website, as well as how they serve their clients every day: to “invite people into your story.” In their website and beyond, Open Book believes in the power of leading with both clarity and imagination.

Open Book was founded in 2013 as a team of passionate people working in the intersection of strategic consulting and creative direction. We help leaders build compelling stories and brands fueled with vision. Through active listening and disruptive thinking, we help give voice to a vision and then build dynamic branded materials that bring it to life.



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