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Object, a Minneapolis design studio, recently partnered with tech.mn to rebrand their visual identity system. tech.mn serves Minnesota’s technology industry with resources, news, podcasts and events.

Object’s strategy was to look at technology as a result of human ingenuity and highlight the originality & creativity within the tech community. The focus is on people not just the machines, devices and data associated with it. We visually express originality with bold, vibrant colors, and unique graphic patterns. The abstract “T” symbol comes from the “dot” URL name. Displaay Type Foundry’s Gellix was chosen as the typeface because of its quirky alternate character set that speaks to individuality and has visual characteristics that mimic the “T” symbol. The designs together create something playful, personable and expressive that better aligns with who tech.mn is as an organization.

See the whole shebang here.


  1. Design Guru May 11, 2020

    This work is so incredibly tired. Just like the leadership at Object. This design style has been done a million times, and better.

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