NFL Hall of Famer John Randle is Ready for a Comeback


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Famed Trash-Talker Considers Return, Thanks to Quality Sleep from Sleep Number

Quarterbacks, your worst nightmare has come true. Pro Football Hall of-Fame defensive tackle, John Randle, is contemplating a comeback to the NFL. Why now? Thanks to all the restful nights on his Sleep Number 360 smart bed, he has increased energy, recovers faster, and has more strength. Enough strength, apparently, to bench press his own refrigerator. 

In the new digital and TV ad for Sleep Number, the football legend does that and more as he prepares for his return to the gridiron. John runs tires, pounds raw eggs, and even applies his iconic face paint using his daughter’s mascara. The crescendo? Randle uses his Minnesota Vikings helmet to free his retired jersey from its glass frame.

“With all this proven quality sleep, I feel like a rookie again,” said John Randle. “I wonder if you can get inducted into the Hall of Fame twice?”

Highlighting the health and wellness benefits that come from quality sleep on a 360 smart bed, the campaign was created by Sleep Number in partnership with creative agency, Griffin Archer. This is the third year of the Super Bowl campaign: Starting in 2019, Randle was featured writing apology letters to his former opponents after his mood was transformed by proven quality sleep. Last year, the story continued with John introducing his “Center for Trash Talking Awareness and Self-Healing” to help others find the same inner calm he now experiences. In the new spot, the legendary trash-talker has incredible energy thanks to his 360 smart bed. 

“We’re so happy that John, like millions of others, sees amazing benefits from his 360 smart bed: He’s more energetic and recovers more quickly, and – quite frankly – is a whole lot nicer,” said Kevin Brown, Chief Marketing Officer, Sleep Number. “Over the past three years, it’s been my great honor to watch John transform from Hall of Fame trash talker to a big-hearted, warm human being thanks to his 360 smart bed.”

Sleep Number is the Official Sleep + Wellness Partner of the NFL. More than 2,000 active players, Hall of Famers, trainers and staff are using the Sleep Number 360 smart bed to improve their performance on and off the field. 


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