Mortarr Presents: I’d Tap That


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Mortarr was challenged to get people’s attention with an app launch video on a budget of $0. So that meant their scrappy in- house marketing team would have to concept, write, storyboard, direct, shoot and act, plus handle lighting, sound, and the edit in order to produce the entire thing.

Here’s how it turned out:

Here are some of the comments Mortarr has heard from viewers:

“One of my favorite pieces of marketing I’ve seen….” – Mortarr Potential Subscriber

“Looks like you shot this on an iPhone.” – Director Friend

“You really went there?” – Agency Friends

“Funny!” – Agency Friends

“That video you guys made was so funny.” – Fellow Daycare Dad

Mortarr wanted to share this because while they believe we’ll all agree the production value could use a lift, it’s a good example that you can still make people feel something regardless of your budget. Budgets might be shrinking and the demand for content may be growing, so much that you’re ready to cash in your chips and live out the rest of your life cutting grass or working on guitars. Just keep in mind that ideas are still as important, if not more important than ever.

So they ended up spending $76 on music and $12 on beer. When the rest of the Mortarr Crew saw it, they felt it was way worth the $88 budget.


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