Minnesota Nice Reigns Supreme #TargetLayoffs


By rizeabove / / As you know by now, one of Minnesota’s largest companies which plays a huge role in the downtown—and statewide—economy let go some 1,700 people yesterday. (A few of which were part of their internal creative studio.) The ever generous Sarah Edwards has come up with an idea on how we—yes, we—can help some of the folks land on their feet. Here’s the skinny: If someone lost their position at Target, Sarah will feature a profile of them on the I AM MPLS and I AM ST. PAUL pages with a description of what kind of work they’re looking for. They’ll even tag the company they’d like to work for. Any company or business that hires someone who was featured on the I AM MPLS and I AM ST. PAUL pages will be featured in a special community high-five section on the websites for 2015. How nice is that? If you’ve been affected by the recent Target layoffs, head over to those sites for more info, or email Sarah at: [email protected]


  1. Anonymous March 11, 2015

    Tagging the company they’d
    Tagging the company they’d like to work for is a bit strange… puts that company in a bit of an awkward position. Puts them on the spot to either hire the person or look like a dick.

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous March 11, 2015

    I am having a hard time
    I am having a hard time understanding the outpouring of help and relief to the Target employees. I am a Sr. Art Director/Designer and have been looking for work for the last 2 months to no avail. I didn’t get a great severance or job placement assistance. It sucks to loose a job but come on they’re not the only ones struggling. I hope employers and agencies don’t get them special treatment just because they came from Target because that would make my job hunt even harder. #welcometotheclub

  3. The Minneapolis Egotist March 11, 2015

    Agreed on your comment,
    Agreed on your comment, Anonymous. But we feel and believe the outpouring of help and support is simply due to the sheer number of people let go in one day. 1,700 is a ton.

  4. Sarah Edwards March 11, 2015

    Hi Anonymous,
    I’d be happy to

    Hi Anonymous,

    I’d be happy to feature you if you are interested. Maybe tagging potential companies was something I overlooked. I’m sorry that finding work has been challenging and I’m sure frustrating. I’m honestly just trying to help and this seemed like a way I could make a difference with my limited resources. I created I AM MPLS! and I AM ST. PAUL! to help connect the community and support each other. Let me know if there is anything I can do.


  5. Anonymous March 11, 2015

    Is this just for creative
    Is this just for creative positions? Thanks!

  6. The Minneapolis Egotist March 12, 2015

    Sarah would know best.
    Sarah would know best. However, our best guess is that it’s for positions—both creative and non-creative—in the marketing and advertising industry.

  7. Sarah Edwards March 14, 2015

    This is for anyone interested
    This is for anyone interested in a position or anyone that is hiring! This is not limited to those affected by Target.

  8. Anonymous #2 March 18, 2015

    I feel you anonymous. 4
    I feel you anonymous. 4 Months for me, but I’m a newbie to this industry despite skills / talent so maybe that’s partly why. Nice of you to reach out Sarah.