Jackson Hole Brings Iconic Mountain Experiences to People Craving Travel and Escape


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2021 has begun on unsolid footing and people are looking for ways to escape now more than ever. Throughout the pandemic, travel has been at the top of most people’s wish list of things to do and “staycation” is a top Google search term. During this long and unwanted travel “off season,” destination marketers have been pressed to find unique ways to keep their brands relevant. Jackson Hole is doing just that and providing well-needed escape by bringing some of its most iconic experiences to future travelers through an immersive augmented reality experience. 


Called Living PostcARds, the experience uses the power of photogrammetry to bring Jackson Hole famous sights like the Elk Antler Arches, Aerial Tram and buffalo to life on peoples’ phones. Each environment was hand-crafted using 3D modeling to create a photo-realistic quality and features a unique postcard-style greeting when shared on social media. So even though people didn’t get to send real postcards from Jackson Hole in 2020, they get to share the experience and inspire future trips in others.

Creative Credits:

Client – Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism

Agency – Colle McVoy

Photography – New Thought


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