How Will You Celebrate National Poop Day Feb. 8?


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Local friends launch ‘Cacamamie’— the sh*t game for a sh*t year — just in time

How do you find joy and have fun when the sh*t’s hitting the fan everywhere you look? You have a laugh! A new card game — Cacamamie: The #2 Game in America — created by two Twin Cities friends and entrepreneurs, launches in Twin Cities retailers including Mischief Toy, Games by James and Down in the Valley, and online this National Poop Day, February 8.

Dave Keepper and Dan West, two fixtures of the Minneapolis advertising community, built the game during quarantine, tested it with friends, family and serious game enthusiasts, and are now bringing it to the masses. “Cockamamie, an old-school word for ridiculous, sums up the game,” says co-founder Dave Keepper, who first considered the idea of a poop card game about 10 years ago. “The ‘aha’ moment was replacing the front end of the word with a Spanish term for poop — Caca. We considered other names like Dingleberry or That’s Crap, but Cacamamie floated to the top.”

“As advertisers, we’ve brought products and services to market, but never our own. When 2020 happened, like a lot of people, we found time to make some of our backburner ideas happen. So we created a poop-based card game, destined to become the number two game in America,” says Dan West, co-founder, Cacamamie. “Our creative community of immature, potty-mouthed friends, family, colleagues and neighbors of all ages played it, and gave us valuable feedback.”

“We made Cacamamie first for ourselves, but we’ve discovered a rich vein of potty humor-lovers out there. If we can share something fun with others to help us get through this sh*tshow, that’s a bonus,” adds Keepper. “We’ve all been locked up for months, so these dormant seeds of ideas had time to grow into something. We’re proud that we aimed so high with ours.”

Players drop their Caca Cards by answering trivia questions including “What place has been known to give people the urge to poop?” Charades cards ask players to act out “Dropping the kids off at the pool,” voting cards wonder “Who wipes standing up?” plus other fun twists and movements. Much of the fun comes from the hilarious conversations it sparks. 


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