Gasket Studios Launches New Spanish Immersion School


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From the folks at Gasket:

With Spanish Heritage Month in full swing, we’re so excited and proud to show you the fantastic work our team did with Alma Flor Ada Spanish Immersion Early Learning Academy in Woodbury.

We are not often asked to help a brand-new Spanish Immersion School develop its entire marketing campaign to support enrollment and its grand opening. Tasked with developing their logo and brand guide, overall site map and design of their website, and designing various Instagram and Facebook advertisements for use throughout 2020.

We also produced a video with Alma Flor Ada herself talking about her life and her thoughts on the new school that will bear her name.

For us, some of the most fun we had was creating three animated brand ambassador characters that were used throughout our advertising plan. It has been one of the largest and most ambitious projects Gasket Studios has ever undertaken, and we’re so proud of the results.


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