Fresh Meat Friday: Christina Berglund


By rizeabove / / Get ready, we’re about to share another one of the top young creatives in the Twin Cities. Again, if you or a youngin’ you know has roughly between 0-5 years of professional experience and a fantastic book. For all the glory (and a free steak) send along the information to: [email protected] By far our youngest “Fresh Meat Friday” feature is this weeks design intern from Studio MPLS, Christina Berglund. Clocking in at a short 6 months of professional experience, since graduation from the University of Minnesota, her work already has a high level of craft and a nice range including branding, packaging, digital, and more. Previous to her time at Studio MPLS she interned at local Take It To Eleven. Of her many design passions, her greatest love is reserved especially for typography and patterns. In fact, one of her side projects at the moment is creating her own typeface. “I absolutely love typography, so I’m so excited to be learning the process of making a working font and all the details and considerations that go into that,” stated Christina. She is invested in what she does and simply wants to continue to grow as she works at design studios. Christina also hopes to give back to the design community through teaching further down the road of her career. On top of all that, her greatest asset, as evidenced by her work, is her focus on the little details. When talking about a poster she created for the Goldstein Museum’s textile exhibit she described, “I wanted to convey the detailed and intricate handcrafted nature of the textiles so—after researching patterns and motifs—I photographed a single gold bead and (digitally) hand placed it thousands and thousands of times, arranging it into the pattern and type I wanted, and making it appear hand-sewn. . .I love intricate details, and I gravitate towards them.” Check out more of Christina’s portfolio after the jump. Also check out our last two features, Kate Worum, an illustrator/designer and Johnny Slocum, a designer at Modern Climate. Duke & Duchess – Luxury Dog Anne of Austria – Fine Chocolates Seven of Diamonds – Brewery Beyond Peacocks & Paisleys – Goldstein Museum Glass Slipper – Non-Profit Various Icons Ballet Shoes


  1. Jessica Bruggink August 27, 2012

    Woohoo! Beautiful work
    Woohoo! Beautiful work Christina!