Farmers Market Fundraiser From Twin Cities Agency JT Mega Benefits Northside Achievement Zone


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The JTM Farmers Market has raised money for charitable causes for a number of years— last year, it raised $2,570 for hurricane relief. This year, the agency chose the Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ). Its mission? To permanently close the achievement gap and end generational poverty in North Minneapolis, by walking side by side with low-income families as they put their children on a path to college.

The JTM Farmers Market event is a simple concept, and extremely popular throughout the agency. Anyone can bring in anything they want to sell. Typical items include vegetables from gardens, knitted crafts, banana bread, sourdough bread, postcards with original photography, essential oils, t-shirts, custom illustrations, handmade scarves, paintings, pottery and a variety of home-canned goods. Rather than having a set price, “buyers” are asked to donate money for any of the items on the table. The offerings are as creative and impressive as you might expect from people who work in a creative industry, particularly a food-based shop.  

This year, due to the pandemic, the Farmers Market moved to the agency’s parking lot, and was limited to one afternoon in October. But to offer items available to people who weren’t comfortable going to the event in person, the agency kept the website open for the entire month so people could post items they were willing to sell and people could donate from there. 

The result? The agency raised more than $1,500 for NAZ.


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