Preston Spire Designs Branding with Eye on Inclusivity and Accessibility


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Minneapolis agency Preston Spire recently unveiled a new, modern logo with a focus on accessibility and inclusivity for Kennedy Krieger Institute, a Baltimore-based organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and young adults with care and research focused on pediatric developmental disabilities. 

Through this work, the agency is hoping more organizations consider representation and accessibility in the process of logo design and redesign to enhance inclusivity. The logo design process was centered on the pillars of accessibility, inclusivity, impact, connection and modernization from the previous logo, resulting in a new logo catering directly to the diverse audiences, stakeholders and partners Kennedy Krieger serves today.

Preston Spire has been working to build brand identities that are more intentional about communicating to the audiences that each brand represents. With the new Kennedy Krieger Institute logo, the agency set out to illustrate the cutting-edge work the Institute is doing in pediatric research, while making it fully readable and accessible for anyone to understand regardless of age or ability.

“Our mission was to design a logo that the patients and families the Institute serves can see themselves in,” says Chris Preston, Chief Creative Officer and Partner at Preston Spire. “We’re hoping that we can start to see more organizations following suit to make their branding more inclusive for everyone.”





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