Raw Sugar Living Debuts First Ever Consumer Campaign by Betty


By The Minneapolis Egotist / /

This is the brand’s very first consumer-facing campaign ever launched, and the first piece of work to come from the newly forged AOR partnership that was solidified in March 2024. 

“Delightfully Raw” aligns with the personal care industry’s driving force of trial and novelty and the increasing consumer emphasis on clean products. With many brands focusing on what they’ve taken out of the product and not what they’ve put in, Raw Sugar Living is highlighting its patented Cold Press Technology® that preserves the goodness of the natural ingredients in its products.

“Delightfully Raw” juxtaposes the real triumphs and trials of everyday life, showing the real enjoyment, relaxation and cleanliness that Raw Sugar Living product brings into consumers’ lives. Raw Sugar Living is well-known for its modern scents, which have a balance of smelling good and fresh without being overpowering. The campaign plays into this by immersing viewers into a “scent world” for each personal care product, including body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, hand soap and more.

The campaign will run nationally across CTV, YouTube, Meta, TikTok, Digital Audio and Digital Display.

“The Delightfully Raw campaign brings Raw Sugar’s clean products and the unique way they’re made into relatable life moments and shows the joy that happens as a result. Creatively, we wanted to express that in a way that was true to the brand, modern, inclusive and energizing.”  – Mike Caguin, Chief Creative Officer, Betty


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