Haberman Helps Affinity Plus Credit Union Launch “Life Math” Branding Campaign


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Haberman is the first agency of record for Minnesota-based mission-driven personal finance leader

Haberman, a full-service marketing communications agency with a 25-plus-year history of modern storytelling for media and marketing, has launched a new campaign for Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union, a Minnesota-based, mission-driven financial institution seeking to grow its membership base.

Affinity Plus is a not-for-profit credit union with more than 235,000 members exclusively in Minnesota. With its focus on people and community, Affinity Plus is an ideal partner for Haberman, which has decades of experience expanding audiences and creating outsized results for nonprofit organizations.

The integrated brand campaign, “Life Math,” connects common life events with the financial services people need to tackle them. The television, radio, digital, and out-of-home campaign is designed to reach Millennial and Gen Z prospective members who may not be familiar with the benefits of a credit union relationship. Here’s a look at three of the spots.

“When millennials and gen z start talking about ‘adulting,’ they’re often talking about Life Math – balancing priorities and making smart decisions to help them reach their goals,” said Brian Wachtler, president and partner, Haberman. “Affinity Plus is in an ideal position as a local credit union to be a trusted financial partner to help make Life Math easier.”

Driving Awareness and New Membership
The “Life Math” campaign recognizes that finances can be hard to manage, and traditional banking institutions sometimes make it more difficult with an impersonal approach. Credit unions like Affinity Plus are driven by mission and membership, not profits, which keeps the focus on the people and communities they serve.

The campaign highlights the personalized approach to service Affinity Plus offers and reinforces that Life Math isn’t just about money; it’s about meeting prospective members where they are on the path toward financial self-sufficiency. Education, awareness, and financial literacy are all key components of the campaign and aim to show prospective members the benefits of letting Affinity Plus help with Life Math.

“We turned to Haberman for our agency-of-record relationship not only because of their creative storytelling and deep media expertise, but because of their strong Minnesota roots and passion for mission-based work,” said Joel Swanson, Vice President of Marketing for Affinity Plus Credit Union. “We hope this campaign helps take some of the stress off of young adults as they learn the ropes of Life Math – we’re here to help!”

The campaign launched summer 2022 and will likely last for several years, giving Affinity Plus a memorable and impactful position in the Twin Cities’ financial service landscape.


  1. Anonymous August 22, 2022

    I’ve been wondering who produced such dull twaddle. It’s nicely produced, but says nothing a bank can’t say and mumbles more than it says anything.

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