Minnesota/Wisconsin-Made Wild Food Series Wins 2022 James Beard Award


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A foraging and wild cooking show created by James Beard Award-winning filmmaker Jesse Roesler and Forager Chef Alan Bergo (originally titled “The Wild Harvest,” now called “Field Forest Feast”) has won a 2022 James Beard Award.

The show, which was created with a team of just three people – Jesse, Alan and editor Sam Kaiser, beat out some big-budget food television in the Instructional Visual Media Category: Christopher Kimball’s “Milk Street Kitchen” on American Public Television, and “Everything You Need to Know About Collard Greens” on Food Network Kitchen.

“Things slowed down in the film/tv industry and the restaurant industry simultaneously in April of 2020,” said Director and Co-Creator Jesse Roesler. “I reached out to Alan and said, ‘While we both have this downtime, let’s make something beautiful and useful to help people get outside and connect with nature in a more meaningful and delicious way.’ It’s been very gratifying to see this little show take on a life of its own and help people do just that.”

The team committed to making six episodes and released them one per month from April to October on Credo Nonfiction’s Vimeo page and on Alan’s Forager Chef site. The James Beard Awards didn’t take place in 2021, making this the first time the show could be recognized by the foundation.

“I’m so excited to see the passion project Jesse and I made, along with the plants and mushrooms, receive recognition from the James Beard Foundation. My dream is to bring wild food to a wider audience and show people a meaningful way to connect with where they live and the food that’s all around them,” said Alan.


  1. Heather Graham August 28, 2022

    I just stumbled across this show today and I’m so glad I did. It was beautifully done! I really enjoyed the 3 episodes I was able to watch. I would love to see more.

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