Bionic Giant Somehow Grows Larger


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Hybrid creative and production company Bionic Giant recently went on a hiring rampage and successfully acquired five human beings.

Ben Loecken has been in the creative industry for over 10 years, and has filmed around the world in places like Armenia, Italy and Nepal. He has a passion for good storytelling, loves to solve problems, and gets excited about building great brands.

Scott Mack brings 19 years of account management experience to Bionic Giant. He loves working in teams and always sees the glass half full.

Ellie Grazzini has been working in the digital marketing and advertising industry for over 6 years and has a mix of experience fulfilling different roles throughout her career. She loves collaborating and leading any sort of digital project along with fostering long lasting relationships with clients.

Tony Collen is a Staff Software Engineer at Bionic Giant. He has been building software for the internet since the early 00’s. Prior to joining Bionic Giant, Tony spent several years as an independent consultant, focusing in the Elixir and Ruby programming languages.

Wil Galvez has a passion for people and technology, and here at Bionic Giant he gets to work with both. Working alongside our product team, Wil is passionate about problem solving and client relations.

Bionic Giant is a creative agency inspiring innovative brands and their audiences through strategic digital and video content.


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