New Year. New Site for Woychick Design.


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Since 1989, Woychick Design has worked with clients on research, strategy, and the design of campaigns to raise awareness, inspire donors, and move people to action. They excel at distilling information into actionable insights that produce valuable outcomes. Simply put: they help mission-driven organizations communicate more effectively.

This brand-spankin’ new website had been brewing for nearly a year. But it was a busy 2021, and clients helped keep it on the back burner for much of 2021—hooray for clients! Speaking of clients, here’s what one had to say about Woychick Design:

“Your approach to projects is incisive. Even when a story was challenging, you found a way to express the concept with simple elegance. You share intelligent insights and aren’t afraid to speak your mind, but at the same time you’re easy to work with.” 

Check out the full site here.


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